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With customer events and industry trade shows being canceled or postponed around the country and the world, businesses are wondering how they can replace these signature events they have relied on and invested in to engage with customers and drive business.

Here’s the good news: Myriad digital options are providing businesses with more ways to reach targeted audiences and interact with customers — from one-on-one, customized live events to group webinars to personalized apps.


The first step is to evaluate your business goals, determine what story you want to tell and then choose the online platform that meets your needs. Here is a summary of some of the options.


The webinar — A branded webinar or series of webinars is ideal for reaching a broad audience. A web-based event enables you to share content digitally and obtain attendance metrics for follow-up.


Digital booth — Replicate a tour through your booth using 3D imagery, in lieu of attending a trade show. Ideal to display new products or technology.


Web-based branded presentation — A web-based platform that’s easy to use, but still dynamic and vibrant, is ideal for presentations that are broader and solutions-based that highlight case studies and capabilities rather than product-focused presentations.


Customized app — An app provides a unique, interactive presentation and can include 3D animation, videos, pop-ups and non-linear navigation.


Livestreaming — This virtual option is the closest thing to hosting visitors at a trade show, but requires careful planning and execution to ensure success.


To help businesses navigate this new state of affairs, the Branigan Live team has developed an e-book, “How your business can survive the no-trade-show era.” It includes our expert recommendations for success and a deeper review of the virtual options above to help you determine which fits your needs.


We’ll work with you to develop the right messaging, then apply the digital tool that best fits your needs and budget. Embrace the change — don’t miss the opportunity for your business to survive and thrive.



How Your Business Can Survive the No-trade-show Era

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