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When crises occur, business leaders have a responsibility to communicate and an opportunity to influence behaviors that both protect brands and positively impact the outcomes of critical situations.


“Just one-third of companies say they have a current crisis communications plan that is regularly updated,” said Branigan’s Director of Crisis Communications and Reputation Management Sandra Peterson. “That puts organizations at serious risk on multiple fronts in the event of a crisis, including safety of employees and customers, business interruptions and reputation damage.”


An upcoming Branigan webinar, “Crisis Communications and Reputation Management for Executives: Navigating Communications During Uncertain Times,” features a panel of thought leaders representing Fortune 500 companies, law enforcement, and the legal and communications fields.


Branigan’s team has more than 50 years of experience helping organizations prepare for and manage crises. During the webinar, Branigan experts and panelists will draw from their own personal experiences managing communication crises and share new approaches leaders can put into action during uncertain times — when their messages matter most. 

More details about the Branigan webinar are available here.

Learn more about Branigan's expertise in reputation management and crisis communications.


Navigating Communications During Uncertain Times


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