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[Strategic Content, Digital Strategy & Live Events]

Seeking to protect its century-plus legacy and maintain its market advantage in the highly competitive and ever-changing commercial buildings segment, Xylem’s Bell & Gossett brand wanted to amp up its B&G Solves messaging. Branigan developed an integrated digital content campaign that highlighted Bell & Gossett products in marquee commercial construction projects in major North American cities.

The B&G Solves Cities campaign literally put the work of Bell & Gossett and its national network of manufacturer’s representatives on the map, spotlighting by city its hydronic HVAC and plumbing products and systems in hospitals, schools, high-rises, airports, sports venues and other commercial buildings.



The diverse array of projects in cities from New York to L.A. are featured on the Bell & Gossett website. Campaign extensions included social media and media relations promotion, and were the focus of the booth design for AHR, the HVAC industry’s largest North American trade show. The campaign successfully helped to raise awareness of Bell & Gossett’s expertise in the commercial buildings segment through its network of manufacturer’s reps, demonstrate the breadth of Bell & Gossett projects throughout North America and set it apart from competitors in commercial HVAC and plumbing.


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