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[Website Creative, Exhibit Design, Media Relations, Strategic Content]

How do you personify the rich and timeless personal history of Wisconsin’s 64 Medal of Honor recipients into a dedicated memorial space? Wisconsin’s War Memorial Center wanted an exhibit honoring these recipients to not only share their individual stories of courage and sacrifice but also provide an immersive and memorable experience to visitors.

Branigan’s first step was gathering information on each recipient, some of whom had records dating back to the Civil War. Each honoree has a unique story to tell and it was important to take the time to accurately depict these stories. Once the research phase was over, collaboration of the various vendors required to bring the exhibit to life began – from producing the technology to constructing the exhibit to printing and collecting artifacts. The result? A hands-on, one-of-a-kind experience featuring memorabilia, recipient stories, educational videos, as well as a QR code that visitors can scan to access a microsite mirroring the exhibit – so that the stories of the Medal of Honor recipients can live on well after exhibit visitors depart. 

Medal of Honor (Studio)-170.jpg

In addition to traditional media relations efforts, the grand opening of the Honor Gallery and ensuing PR campaign yielded an impressive 51 media placements. Branigan spearheaded creative development, design and production of the Honor Gallery graphics, educational videos, microsite, and official exhibit website, more of which can be explored in detail on the website.


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