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[Global Crisis Management]

Safeguarding brand reputation and ensuring business continuity necessitate planning and action. Leading global battery manufacturer Johnson Controls recognized the need to expand its existing crisis response protocol to include the company’s Power Solutions plants located in China. This would provide on-site employees and local leadership with the essential resources to effectively help manage a crisis or other serious incident on-site.

Branigan developed a crisis communications manual and infrastructure in partnership with Johnson Controls’ team members in both Milwaukee and China. The manual supports the company’s existing crisis management plan and provides comprehensive information to manage communications during a crisis and specific steps to take should a major crisis occur.


JCI map copy.png

The expansion of the crisis management infrastructure strengthens the company’s ability to prepare for, manage and recover from crises that have the potential to impact the company’s reputation among stakeholders. It also fosters employee confidence in the resources available to take an active, productive role in on-site crisis management.



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